This is a story based on a real family, a large family, my family. Led by Providence, to whom both heads of the household gave credit, my parents fulfilled a vision. They developed a plan, and through the efforts and provisions set aside by one man, one woman, and each of their eleven children, this ordinary, American, middle-class family achieved something extraordinary. They completed their goal: to afford each child a four-year college education that neither parent completed.

I’m number nine.


  • Where’s Dad When You Need Him? by - Happy Independence Day 2020! I’ve thought about my ancestors a lot lately, as this holiday approached, but especially my father. I wish I could discuss what’s going on in the world with him now, and get his perspective and counsel. Where’s Dad when you need him? Even more so because of the worldwide pandemic and […]
  • THE TWIG by - My brother Paul and I were close in age, just fifteen months apart. Although he was a bit older, we were placed in the same grade level in school, and there, had each other’s backs completely. At home though, we bickered over many things that seemed of paramount importance at the time—especially baseball card trades […]
  • CORPS DRIPPINGS by - Dad and Mom left the house for a rare night out, and all of us children remained at home. The phone rang, and no one budged. My older brothers and sisters sat transfixed by the television, a relatively new acquisition in those mid-1960s days. After the phone continued to ring several times, I couldn’t stand […]
  • WOOLY BULLY by - Our two, elite cousins from Missouri came to visit. The two girls, classically trained vocalists, seemed a little out of sorts to be in rural Washington State farm country. The oldest, Cathy, had peers in my first five brothers, all teenagers at that time. My uncle, the girls’ dad, could easily be described as a […]